From time to time when I go to Japan I take some videos along with all of the pictures. I thought I put some of the videos here so anyone that wants to see them can vave a look. Click the red arrow located in the bottom left hand corner twice to see the videos.

Matsunosuke Koi Auction.

Matsunosuke Harvest 10/07.

Sorting Nisai at Marudo Koi farm.

Japanese country side, mud ponds and spring peepers.

Culling some Tosai with Hirashin.

Random koi in a concrete holding pond at Suda's.

One of the larger koi houses with some of the largest koi belongs to Izumiya located in Iwamagi.

Selecting Nisai with Isawa Sakai (Matsunosuke)

I'm not really sure where this came from but I thought it was funny.