From time to time we will do and installation or polyurea spray liner. Here are some random examples of jobs we have done. front pond

Above is a pond I think I have been working on for ever. It is the pond as you drive up to our parking lot. Polyurea spray job

Above is a spray job I did on a pond that had an expansion done to it by another contractor.

Above we had to rough the surface because most of the pond was covered with fiberglass and then CIM.

Above we started to apply the polyurea. The finish product will be black but we spray gray first just to make sure we have good coverage.

Above is the finish gray before we spray the black.

 Above is a spray job and filter installation.

Above the filter is 90% done. This job was finished some time ago.

Finished. Cool a window!

Above is a job I did in Long Island. It was a repair of a polyurea spray job. I think it was done the first time with truck bead spray liner and the second time something simillar. On the third time I used pure polyurea. We removed everything we could from the first two spray jobs. Rhino II Bottom Drain

Besides respraying the polyurea I had to replace a leaky old style Spin Drifter bottom drain. We also installed a mid-level pick up.

With a new Rhino II installed this pond is almost ready for polyurea. Polyurea Spray Liner

Above we had installed an extra mid-level intake. All the existing spray liner was either peeled off or sanded and primed to soften it. I had some blue left over from a formal fountain so we sprayed that down for our first few coats. More Polyurea Spray Liner

The concrete we are spraying on was a monolithic pour but the forms that were used weren't exactly as smooth as I would have like. Polyurea is very smooth but it also picks up and exaggerates everything it goes over, We use filler on some of the larger imperfections. Koi Window Finished koi window