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One major key to successful Koi Keeping is creating a optimum environment for your koi or fish. One of the most critical elements is a proper koi pond filter.

The koi pond filter is of utmost importance in keeping your Koi or fish pond crystal-clear and free of chemical pollutants. Our line of koi pond filters are designed to meet a wide range of needs, for both large and small koi or fish ponds.

Mechanical pond Filtration:

Refers to the physical removal of debris from pond water by materials that trap large and small particles. Koi ponds traditionally use some form of solids separation, either passive (vortex chambers like Nexus Pond Filter or Patio Ponds or mechanical (micron-screen Answer filter/static Kaldness separators). Bead filters like those offered by GCTek also provide mechanical and boilogical filtration.

Biological Filtration:

This is where your pond filter provides a home for beneficial bacteria to grow on filter media. These bacteria remove harmful pollutants from pond water. Known as the "Biological Filter" these beneficial bacteria convert poisonous compounds such as ammonia and nitrite, into less toxic nitrate. The end by-product, nitrate, is used as a food source by aquatic plants. This continuous process is called the nitrogen cycle.

It is important to think of your filtration in terms of a "system", where components are carefully selected and matched to provide optimum performance, ease of maintenance, and cost effectiveness (both initial and long term operating costs).

These components must perform 3 basic functions;
  • Removal of waste products from the pond.
  • Separation of solid waste.
  • Conversion of soluble waste.
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