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Shipping: Is unfortunately not covered by our "Free Shipping" special. We like to insist on shipping our koi airport to airport. The benefits of this are time and price. A typical scenario would be the packing up of the koi in the morning and then driving it to the airport immediately. It arrives to you the same day it is shipped and is in your pond for you to enjoy all the quicker. Deliveries by FedEx, UPS or other overnight carriers can be done, but obviously, that means the koi will be in the shipping box at least 24 hours, and full replacement of the koi (if there were to be a problem, i.e. lost package, late delivery) will be waived by USA Koi.

Shipping Prices: Shipping prices vary but on average from the east coast to the west coast shipping prices by FedEx or UPS are *about* $200.00 delivered to your door. Average airport-to-airport prices are no more than $100.00 for the same trip except it is done in much less time and you have to pick the koi up at the cargo area usually located near your airport.

A word about the box environment: All koi are bagged once in pure oxygen, then that bag is bagged again the Japanese way. The double-bag is then placed in a reinforced koi shipping box which, as mentioned earlier, is air-freighted to your nearest airport. Shipping is charged to orders without markup.

Refunds on Koi: Since the pond environment is of the utmost importance in the well-being of your koi and is beyond the control of USA Koi, certain limitations towards replacements and refunds are necessary. All Koi must be picked up from the airport with in 3 hours of the flight arrival. Upon receiving a shipment of koi at the airport, we must hear from you within 5 hours of the flight arrival to let us know you have received your koi and it is alive. You can do this by emailing or calling us at (856) 881-7088. If not, all liabilities or damages shall be forfeited. As pointed out in the Shipping Section, we favor airport to airport shipping and under that method, if a koi arrives and is not alive (so long as the box is uncrushed and dry), we will give you a store credit for the full amount not including the shipping amount. This will require a photo of the entire koi (with its tail cut off).

We hate to be so brutal regarding this, it seems to be a sad commentary on the world or maybe just those few individuals who would take advantage. Despite koi being able to live in the box for a very long time, they are still perishable and if shipped by overnight delivery and the package were to be lost... well, you're not covered by USA Koi. This is why we recommend airport to airport.

Your New Arrivals: Your koi are guaranteed to be alive on arrival. If your koi was to perish within 24 hours of arrival, you would be eligible for a 50% fish only store credit providing you supply us with:

  • A water sample from the pond or quarantine system the koi was held in
  • An image of the dead koi with its tail cut off either by email or snail mail 
  • Shipping is not included in the 50% store credit.

You should ALWAYS QUARANTINE YOUR NEW KOI!! We always advise that the first day or two upon releasing your new koi, especially if it's into a holding tank, to have it covered. Koi tend to be jumpy in new their surroundings. Obviously, we can't be held responsible for replacing a koi which has jumped from its tank. When we bring in new shipments of koi we will put Refresh Clay into the water to make it cloudy for the koi's first few days in their new surroundings. Adding the Koi Clay seems to keep them from jumping and also seems to calm them.

Koi Storage: We know all too well that when you find that perfect koi for your collection, delaying your decision to acquire it can mean losing it to another collector. But depending on the season and the temperature, it may not be possible to add them to your pond. With this in mind, we offer koi storage.

  • Our charges are $1.00 per day for each koi that is held. This includes care and feeding in water temperatures of 65° to 70°.
  • We must all remember that koi are live animals and like any living creature, health can be compromised despite the best of intentions. If so, we'll honor the following stipulations:
  • In the unlikely event that your koi becomes ill, we'll treat it back to health for free.
  • If the illness causes a blemish, which tarnishes its beauty, you have the option to keep it or receive a store credit for the purchase price less 20%.
  • If the koi fails to recover and passes away, you will receive a store credit for the purchase price less 20%.
  • All koi storage fees must be paid in full based on an estimated length of stay. Any koi left over 90 days without storage payment or agreed upon terms will be sold without refund.