Air Pump Kits

Air is very important to introduce into any pond, whether this is for a Koi Pond - or just a water garden. That is why it is important to have an air pump like a Medo or Hakko Pump.
The amount of oxygen water can hold is dependent upon atmospheric pressure, salinity and temperature. Water will hold less oxygen in higher altitudes. Salinity is also a factor in oxygen levels and can easily be tested with a salinity meter or test kit. The most important factor is water temperature. As temperature increases, water can hold less oxygen. Most low oxygen problems occur from June through September. The reasons for this are:

  • Water holds less oxygen as it becomes warmer.
  • Respiration rates of both plants and animals increase with the warmer water, so more oxygen is used.
  • Summer's still, hazy or cloudy days may reduce the amount of oxygen produced.
  • Large amounts of feed given to fish at this time of year result in large quantities of fish waste which create a higher demand for oxygen.

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