Sku# 4754 Kanno Goshiki

  • Variety: Goshiki
  • Breeder: Kanno
  • Size: 18" to 20"
  • Sex: Female
  • Born on Date: 05/2019
SKU: 4754-A

Options: Sku# 4754-A Kanno Goshiki
Sale price$2,000.00
Sku# 4754 Kanno Goshiki
SKU 4754-A
Price $2,000.00
Manufacturer or Breeder Kanno
Sex Female 100%
Sex % The sex of the koi is determined here or by the breeder in Japan. On smaller koi it can be difficult to tell with certainty. On Tosai (one season old) it can be almost impossible to tell. On older koi depending on the time of year it can be easier. Sometimes when the breeders or ourselves sex a koi and can't tell with certainty we will put a percentage on it. Unfortunately we can not guarantee the sex of the koi.
Size inches 18" or 45.72 CM
Variety Goshiki

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