Retro Bottom Drains

Retro bottom drains make adding a bottom drain to any pond easy. If you currently have an existing pond without a bottom drain or if you are afraid to cut your liner this is a great way to add a bottom drain to your system.

Most retro bottom drains are designed to be placed above the liner in the pond versus below the liner which requires cutting to install. Eliminate potential leaking or complicated installations by going with a user friendly retro bottom drain.

You can get most retro bottom drains designed with features that make it them optimal choice when building or improving on your koi pond or water garden. Some bottom drains are designed with a air bubble diffusers which provide very important aeration to the ponds natural environment. The air diffuser also adds much needed circulation inside the pond to ensure that debris and waste do not sit and stagnant any area for long.

With most retro bottom drains you simply fill the base of the drain with heavy substrate like sand or gravel. We recommend placement of your retro bottom drain to be at the lowest position in the pond. This will help promote the best circulation and drainage for removing all unwanted waste and debris.

We know that the most important part of keeping koi is making sure that your pond is clean. Using a standard bottom drain or a retro bottom drain is essential in maintaining a beautiful, clean, clear pond for years to come.

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