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Water Conditioners by Aqua Meds

Aqua Meds specializes in formulating vital koi health care medications and beneficial pond bacteria water treatments that target specific koi diseases in garden pond fish, and goldfish.

To insure that all of our exceptional koi health care medications and garden pond fish treatments are of the highest quality and efficacy for your pond fish, koi, goldfish and ponds, we are proud to have Doctor Matthews as our expert koi health care and pond fish care consultant.

Aqua Meds products have long been a favorite of mine. We use many of the products here on our koi and recommend them highly.

*Aqua Meds is proud to introduce our Go Aqua Meds® Green™ 100% NATURAL line of Koi and Pond care products!

When you see "Lilly" the frog sitting on the water lily on any Aqua Meds products
you know it's 100% NATURAL Beneficial Bacteria!!

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