AquaBead Pond Filters

  • AquaBead filters utilize the Omnifuser technology that eliminates slotted PVC pipes inside the filter
  • Every option is standard equipment. The perfect filter for the majority of ponds.
  • Featuring the AquaBead Life Support System, known as "ALISS", which keeps beneficial bacteria alive during shutdowns
  • Includes a 2 HP blower providing maximum air flow for back washing
  • Offering some of the best flow rates of filters on the market
SKU: AB2500

Options: AquaBead 2.50 cu.ft. model is rated for ponds up to 5,000 gals.
Sale price$2,159.95

AquaBead Sizing Information.

  • How does GC Tek size bead filters?
  • How do we know how much bio conversion can be accomplished with a bead filter?
  • Is there a standard to go by, or do we just take a look at the competition and then add a few points in our favor?

This is how:

University tests have shown that a cubic foot of beads that have 400 - 450 cu. ft. of surface area will handle 50 lbs. of fish being fed 1% body weight per day @ 38% protein.

This is the formula that we use, even though our beads have 500 to 550 sq. ft. of surface area per cu. ft. and in theory should do more, we refuse to stretch or make claims beyond what has truly been tested.

Model Size (cu. ft.) Max Pond Size Flow Rate (gpm) Fish Load (lbs.) Dimensions
 AquaBead 1.75  1.75  2500 gallons (U.S.)  50 gpm  87.5 lbs.  19" x 31"
AquaBead 2.50 2.5 5,000 gallons (U.S.) 70 gpm 125 lbs. 21" x 32"
AquaBead 4.25 4.25 10,000 gallons (U.S.) 90 gpm 225 lbs. 24.75" x 34"
AquaBead 6.0 6.0 17,000 gallons (U.S.) 120 gpm 300 lbs. 30.5" x 36.75"
AquaBead 10.0 10.0 25,000 gallons (U.S.) 180 gpm 500 lbs. 36 7/8" x 42"
SKU AB2500
Price $2,159.95
Manufacturer or Breeder GCTEK
Filter dimensions N/A
Inlet/Outlet Size N/A
Pellet size Large

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