Sea Side ENTRY C25 RDF Combi

  • Sea Side ENTRY C25 RDF Combi E-25C
SKU: E-25C

Sale price$4,099.99
Maximum Flow 25 m3 / h or 6,600 GPH
Gravity / Airlift / Pump fed
Pump fed loses 30% Flow
Installation height above water level 16 cm
Housing PP 8 mm / PP15 mm / Drum PP 20
Stainless steel 316/304 / Silicone seal
PP Casing Cut With A CNC Machine
Standard inputs and outputs according to drawing
1 x 110 mm Waste water outlet
Diameter of the drum 38 cm x 40 cm
Sieve panel 120 or 75 micron stainless steel 316
Drum Bypass 2 x 90 mm 
Demountable spray bar
Removable flushing channel
40 NM drive motor with 2.5 rpm
With a lid
Control box:
Automatic cleaning, plug and play with stainless steel float
Turn / rinse manual control
Adjustable turn / flush time
Rinse level adjustable
Sockets for flushing pump, pond pump and drum drive motor
Standard dry run protection for pond pump
All parts built in modules and therefore quickly interchangeable
Bio chamber for 90 liters of Helix
Air disc of 34 cm
Supplied with comprehensive manual
With CE quality mark

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