Let's Build A Beautiful, Healthy Home.

If the axiom of pond ownership is correct in stating that once you have a pond you wished it were bigger, then so too is what's said about building it right the first time. The least expensive way to build a pond is to have the right equipment, the right direction and the right advice given by an experienced Koi pond authority from the beginning.

Tom Lansing's Koi Pond Phoenix ArizonaSo it should come as no surprise to hear that at USA Koi, we specialize in Koi. Japanese Koi to be specific and their environments.

Unlike goldfish, comets or shubunkins, our Koi from Japan can grow to huge beautiful individuals that can take your breath away. But for them to do so, simple things need to be taken into account.

This is where we come in. Working with you, we help in determining the size and shape and location of your pond. This is an important first step for it will govern the filtration, UV and Koi load. We've seen far too many ponds with inadequate systems, which only lead to high maintenance mucky, opaque water and unhealthy Koi. Or we see noisy equipment that was developed for industrial use that pulls so many amps you end up barely able to afford your electric bills.

Working with your contractor, we can layout the specifics on how they'll proceed. We handle getting all the right equipment and where it will be placed for the greatest effectiveness and your contractors do the dig and installation. In essence, we're the pond architect-designers and then your contractors build it. We can also offer landscaping suggestions that are tailored to compliment the pond. Usually this can be done with a minimal of field visits.

What you can expect when finished is ultra clear, healthy water and a wonderful home for the most beautiful fish in the world, Koi from Japan.





Koi Pond Hamilton NJ

Koi ponds traditionally have straight sides as they plunge to the bottom. Usually smooth, curved corners and wall surfaces too. This has many benefits. First, it helps the Koi from damaging themselves as they rub up against them. Second, it prevents the debris from getting hung up on its journey to the bottom drains. Third, the steep walls keep the Koi out of harms way from the predators. Oh, and it also allows the Koi to swim right up to you.










Vortex Chamber and Bubble Bead Filter Koi Pond Hamilton NJ

Koi pond filtration and UV requirements vary from pond to pond. Whether it's simple or complex as the two photo's show, we have handled it all.

Thom Blischock's Koi Pond Phoenix Arizona

Total gallons are the determining factor as well as the quantity of Koi. This very elaborate set-up here was for a huge 40,000 gallon pond. But the average Koi pond in some studies show the norm is 3000 gallons or less.

Thomb Blischock's Koi Pond and Bridge

Koi love oxygen. We make sure the pond is designed to keep them healthy and happy.

Ponds with bridges. Ponds with windows to the house. Ponds that are square. Ponds that are curved. Whatever design inspirations you have or we help in, we work with your contractors to insure your Koi have a healthy environment and you have a beautiful pond filled with even more beautiful Koi.

A beautiful pond no doubt enhances the value of your home, but what it does for your soul is immeasurable. 
So, let's get started. -Mark Bodycott