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Pond Plumbing Fittings

USA Koi now stocks several PVC plumbing fittings and union valves. We have regular return fittings and also tangential pond returns known as TPR fittings. TPR fittings have become very popular for returning water at a specific angle and direction in your pond. TPRs can be helpful in creating directional current. These PVC pond plumbing fittings like the TPRs and straight returns can be used with 45 mil EPDM pond liner, gunnite, and shot-Crete or polyurea spray on pond liner. We also have union ball valves from 1"- 1/2" to 4". Swing check valves, bulkhead fittings, PVC Flex Pipe and other fittings. Looking for something and don?t see it? Please email me and ask and I'll try to get it.
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